Top Organizing Tricks to Survive School

Organizing is one of the most effective ways to survive school. Being organized helps you stay on top of your game and give you the much-needed focus for your studies. Here are a few things you can try to be more organized for school:

To-do List

Breaking down your task in a list form is one of the best ways to make your everyday school life more manageable. Ticking off a task one at a time is greatly satisfying, and you get a visual cue of how well you are doing when it comes to finishing the list of things you need to accomplish within the day.

You can create a long-term to-do list which can comprise of major tasks that you need to complete within the month, and then break them down into daily to-do lists which can comprise of the little things you can do in a daily basis in order to complete your major tasks for the month.

Dedicated Study Space

Another organizing trick you can do is to have a designated space for studying alone. It can be a corner, a desk, or even one whole room that is solely dedicated to studying, doing homework, finishing papers, or accomplishing projects.

Having a specific place to do all these things triggers your brain that it is time to accomplish something whenever you are in that designated place. This allows you to tune out any distraction or irrelevant thoughts that may creep in if you choose a more general place to study like on the dinner table or in the family room where there may be a host of distractions available.

Clean Work space

De-cluttering your space de-clutters your brain as well. Having a clean and organized work or study space keeps you away from the stress that is related to having a messy place to study in. A messy space tenses up your brain and makes it harder for you to focus and remember things that you need to.

Labels and Compartments

One effective way to de-clutter is by labeling and compartmentalizing. You can have several boxes with labels on them so that you will not have to dig through a pile of clutter to find that you need. You can have separate boxes for supplies, books, tapes, and equipment; or you can organize and label your boxes according to subject so that you can pull one box out when it’s time to study for that particular subject. Labeling things takes off that extra load off your brain to remember where you put things so that your brain can focus more on what you need to accomplish.


Mornings are often a rush, especially if you are not an early riser. It can be such a mess in the morning that the stress of it follows you throughout the day. The best way to cope with this is to plan your day ahead, like the night before. You can prepare what you need to wear the next day, you can prepare an overnight recipe for a to-go breakfast, you can meal-prep for your lunch by freezing and just thawing the following day, and you can put in your bag all the things you need to bring in anticipation for the next day. This way, your mornings may still be busy, but at least it will be a lot easier.


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