Rules of Survival: College Edition

College makes students go out of their comfort zones and the first months are critical in adjusting and adapting to the new environment. Although it might seem challenging at first, you can make it some of the best years of your life. Here are five crucial tips on how to not only survive but also conquer college like a real college student:

Make friends!

Do not be hesitant to both reach out and open up to all sorts of people. You will meet a variety of different but interesting people in college, and they will teach you a lot about life. They may also be of help in your academics! Be sure to have a friend or two in each of your classes so you will have someone you can ask about lectures, someone you can share notes with and even study together with. Even when neither of you can help each other out in school, it is important to be around good people that will make your college life a little more bearable.

Do not slack off

Attend all of your classes. I cannot stress this enough but all lectures are essential, so don’t lay in bed in the morning wondering how many cuts you’ve got left for a particular class. You’re not missing class hours; you’re missing out on the topics being discussed! If high school seemed like a breeze, well, no one has ever thought of college like that yet. Absorb as much information and learning as you can; you might think you may not need it now, but somewhere along the journey, you’ll use everything you’ll pick up in college. Always keep in mind that this is the time for self-discovery; it’s the time to start finding out your passions and goals in life if you haven’t figured yet.

Be organized

Balancing school, leisure, and work (if applicable) is really tiresome and stressful. Proper time-management is the key to finishing tasks and beating deadlines. Make schedules by prioritizing, but always keep in the list your “me time” to give yourself a break from all the responsibilities. After all, you’ll have to stay sane in order to survive.

Stick to your budget

Whether you’re self-financed or not, you should be able to develop necessary “adult skills,” and one of those is to spend wisely. Aside from time, money is another thing that should have a priority list. Rationalize all expenditures. Only when you’ve set aside enough for all the necessities then can you start spending on the wants. 

Utilize campus resources

Whether you use them or not they’re still paid for in your school fees. Libraries, for example, have almost all reading resources you may need for class. Schools orgs and activities may also help you discover your interests and skills. Just be active in campus and really live the student life! Make the most out of college because if you play it right, you’ll definitely be missing it once you have graduated.


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