Hot to Survive School: The Beginning.

Truth be told, I did not always love school. There were many times I thought I would never finish, that I would drop out before getting a degree, that I would not have higher education. I was never rooted for. But, I have won against ALL odds and I am going to share with you tons of information abot how I beat the system in different ways and made it all the way through middle school, high school and college with different life hacks I used to keep me going!

Why Surviving School is Crucial

I am sure you have heard it a million times from mom, dad, family and family friends. “You need a degree to make good money, or you will be broke the rest of your life.” Let me stop RIGHT there and tell you that this thinking is just NOT true. I have friends who went into business for themselves at eighteen and make over a million a year. Why? Because they continued their education specific to their field. They seeked out the knowledge they needed to get them further in business. I have other friends who work a trade, having gone to trade school such as air conditioning repair or a contractor. Both DO NOT have degrees and make over one hundred thousand dollars per year. How? They followed the education that they actually enjoyed.

Graduation mortar on top of books

But surviving this education is a vital part of actually making it. And this id one by doing what you love. Yes, I know, it is probably super cliche to tell you to follow your dreams and find something you love, but it is so true that if you enjoy what your are learning or doing you are going to do so much better at it!

Finding something you love and learning more about it IS the way to survive school or learning in general. You will be committed to learning what they are teaching. You will want to do the extra work to get better at it. You will go over the lectures, or video, or homework multiple times to make sure you soak up the most amount of information possible.

But, on the contrary, if you do not love it, you will do none of this. You will tirelessly wait till the class is over, and this is the worst.

Anyways, that is enough about why you need to survive school, I am ready to get into actually helping you survive it! If you have any awesome school stories, please feel free to share them here.

Looking forward to sharing!
Ciao for now!