Getting Through A Boring Class

There are a few things that can be worse than a boring class. Sometimes you get bored out of your wits and finish the class feeling drained and exhausted for no reason at all. Below are a few tips to survive boredom in a class:

Shift your focus

Take a look out the window. Is there something worth gazing at out there? Maybe there is a nice garden that you can admire from the comforts of your class seat. Maybe there is a playground with children playing on it, and you can use that to entertain you. Perhaps the sky is bright and visible outside, and you can try relaxing your mind to the sight of clear blue and passing fluffy white clouds.

In your head

If you do not find any external stimuli to entertain you, all you have to do is to look inside to find something to keep you stimulated. Daydreaming is a proven effective way to get through a boring session without getting drained out of boredom. You can make up stories in your head, or pretend that you are somewhere interesting and something fascinating is happening.

You can play games in your head as well like trying to see how many countries you can name, or how many historical events you can recall. It makes for a good brain exercise and a creative expedition, so you are not really wasting time with this method of combating boredom.

Doodles and scribbles

Another way is by channeling all your creative energy into writing something up like a poem or a short story. If the lecture is particularly long, you can even start a chapter of a novel, and it can be the beginning of a masterpiece. If you are more of an artsy visual type, you might want to keep a small drawing pad and doodle away you can create your characters and make your own world. You might even start a little comic strip one class at a time.

Something practical

If you are the practical type who wants to get things done, you might want to take the boring time you have and do something worthwhile. You can do some overdue work while in class, or even do some advanced homework so that you have more free time after class. Doing extra work instead of other things while you are bored ensures that you maximize your time into other important things so that you can free up your schedule to relax or have fun later on.

Decide to focus on the class

If the class is really that important for you to sit through it for hours, you might just want to make the ultimate decision of paying attention. After all, it is what you are there for in the first place. Make a mental note every fifteen minutes to focus, and do some focusing tricks to help keep you in place. You can take note of important points during the lesson, and then break them down further into digestible pieces of information that you can look back to later on while studying.


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