Dealing with College Dorm Life

College dorms for most students are a hit or miss. For some students, their rooms are a sanctuary for the chaos outside its confines while for several, it is but a place to sleep and rest. Many students often deal with multitudes concerning dorm room aspects like roommates and noisy residents next door. However, you can live through college dorm life if you follow some simple rules. You can still make your dorm room livable and the perfect place for refuge.

Essential Dorm Tips

  1. Make sure to become friends with your roommate.

As much as possible, you have to bond with your roommate because more often than not, he or she is the person you have to deal with for the next years of your life in uni. However, there will be instances where you will not always see head to head. To make life simpler for both of you, both parties need to learn how to get along.

If you happen to become disappointed with your roommate, you must leave and clear your head for a while. Relax and simmer down. Keep in mind that you do not have other options but to live together with the person. In college, it is more pleasant to have friends instead of enemies.

  1. Create rules

Allot time to talk with your roommate and make rules with him or her from the start. That way, certain issues will be avoided. Talk about your rules when it comes to your stuff, visitors, food, clothing and other aspects.

There may be opportunities when people will be hanging out in the room. These people could be your own friends or classmates, or they can be your roommates. You must talk about what is suitable and tolerable for both parties, and this includes the amount of people you are permitted to bring plus the time they will be coming round. If you or your friend need to take along a visitor so late at night, be polite and keep quiet.

  1. Take care of your personal and school items

There are supermarkets and convenience stores located near the college or dormitory. Remember to stock up on important items like tissue papers, soaps, deodorants, shampoos, cotton, and others. It will be more practical if you purchase all items you need in a semester altogether rather than purchasing whenever a stock gets finished. The stores must have enough stock of items students frequently need from school supplies down to personal items.

  1. Manage your laundry

You are now living on your own, and this means looking after your laundry. There are laundry services where you can take care of this regularly. Look for a laundry service near your dorm or college to make picking it up easier. These laundry services often entail the use of coins so make sure to have enough whenever you go to one.

Living in a dorm can be a fun and enriching experience. All you need to know is how to take advantage of it. Make friends and become active in your school. You cannot really survive college life flawlessly without a companion. You will find it easier to adapt to dorm living if you simply adhere to those easy rules mentioned above.   


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